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The Dungeon Traveler - Cover
The Dungeon Traveler


I spent most of my life trying to get by with whatever happiness I could, that included alcohol, food, and porn.

My death was unpleasant and humiliating. However, death is something we all need to go through. A bit like a proctology exam; necessary but never anything one wants to go through while it's happening.

However, death was supposed to be the end of it. Either way, the pain, suffering, and failures were supposed to be over. I was supposed to wink out, or perhaps take a trip to a lovely afterlife!

No, I ended up as a small stone, strapped to a table, while a pimple-faced teenager rubbed my facets and told me how 'lovely' I was. Last time I checked, birth wasn't supposed to be as embarrassing as death!

Life as a dungeon core isn't all bad. I like watching lizard love triangles and snooping on militaristic dwarves; though there is that issue where I'm trying to free myself from the entanglements of the Gods....ok, yeah that last one is a bit of a problem

Traveling the Dungeon


Dale wanted to do more than survive as a dungeon core. His experience with the gods made it clear that with power, he could do as he pleased, and without it, he was simply a toy of the powerful. Unfortunately, it isn't just the gods who have plans for the Traveling Dungeon.

Follow Dale as he tries to create his own little world, study magic, enchant devices and create challenges for the gods and an [Arch-Mage]. All while trying to keep Miss Blue-Box happy.

From The Spire of the West to the Orcs of the South, to a discovery that will rock the world, Dale can't help but shove his stone where it doesn't belong.

Age of Victoria - Cover
Age of Victoria


Victoria Blythe wanted adventure. She wanted to explore the world and escape from the strict etiquette of British nobility. With her father fighting in India, the governess assigned to raise her controlled every aspect of her life.

The financial downturn of a friend of the family would lead to her sister's longtime engagement turning into an immediate marriage.

Victoria's thirst for adventure and tomboy ways would not prepare her for the sudden advent of the apocalypse.

Can Victoria and her friends survive this new world of Classes and Skills?

Journey Through the Underdark



Eric wanted to be a barkeep, like his adoptive father. He wanted only to run the family inn and enjoy his small corner of the world. His dreams weren't of adventure or power. His dreams were modest and humble.

His dreams were not to be. As the bastard son of Lord EarthScorn, he had a Knack, which meant he would have to be trained as a wizard for the council. He would have to defend the kingdom from the evils of the outer world.

Magic came with benefits; power, long life, money. But Eric didn't want any of that. His time in the magical academy only reinforced his views of magic and the kingdom. He didn't want to fight for old men who had lived far longer then they should. He didn't want to be relegated to a far-flung outpost where he would fight for the benefit of those same old men.

The alternative was potentially worse, fleeing from the wars, fleeing from his home, and escaping through the most dangerous place in the kingdom.

The Underdark.

Digital Me - Cover
Digital Me


Shawn Bradshaw has made a desperate gamble. To save his life he risked it all in an attempt to become digitized. Knowing almost nothing about the greater Digital community or if he will be allowed to join, how Digital existence is experienced, or even if he will be relegated to a Digital zoo.

Shawn's success in obtaining immortality is but the start of his journey. Thrust into the kingdom of Loson's political intrigue, friends become enemies, allies manipulate and control, Shawn must decide how much assistance he is willing to let his allies provide and if he wants to count them as enemies instead.

Oblivious and ignorant of the culture, manipulated, reveling in his new found freedom even as he is chained socially, Shawn must decide on his long term goals and what he is willing to give up to achieve them.

The Immortal Wizard must decide what kind of legend he will leave behind.

This title is LitRPG Lite, status screens, skills, and items exist but are not the focus of the story.

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